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Good decision-making is critical to the success of any business, big or small. To make informed, timely decisions, you need to understand your company’s financial situation. The last thing you want to do is make decisions that hurt your financial flexibility because you didn’t have access to the data you needed.

Here at J.R. Martin & Associates in Redding, CA, our financial experts can generate the financial reports you need to make on-the-spot business decisions and create a more effective business plan that will promote future growth. Not to mention that accurate financial reporting can help you save money in the present and the future. Here are just some of the financial reports that we can generate for your business:

Depreciation Schedules

Depreciation refers to the value that an asset loses over time. You can write off the depreciation of your assets on your tax returns, which is why it’s essential to keep track of. We can help you track what you’ve deducted and when by developing a depreciation schedule. We can manage your depreciation schedule using various accounting methods depending on your needs, including the straight-line and reducing-balance methods.

Profit & Loss Statements

You should regularly produce profit and loss statements to summarize your company’s revenue, expenses, and costs over a specific period. Not only do they provide an overview of your financial health, but they also showcase your effectiveness at financial management. They are very useful for investors and lenders, and they will yield actionable pieces of information to plan future business strategies.

Variance Reports

Variance reports compare your business’s planned financial outcomes (such as the amount of revenue you expected to make) to the actual financial outcome. Variance reports are useful because you can determine what business efforts succeed and what failed. They also provide you with information you can use to more accurately predict financial outcomes to your efforts in the future, which you can then apply to create a more effective budget.

Cash Forecasting & Reporting

Just because you can estimate how much profit your company is set to make at the end of any given month does not mean you have that amount of cash available. You can’t just plan your expenditures or investments around your profit estimates. You will need to perform cash flow forecasting. Our financial experts can determine how much cash you can expect to have on hand at any given point based on your expenses and income. We will create detailed cash forecasting reports that you can use to plan future investments and needs better.

Financial Statement Trends And Ratios

Our team can help you examine operational efficiency, liquidity, and profitability through ratio analysis to provide you with an accurate account of your company’s fiscal health. We can also evaluate your past financial reports to analyze financial trends over time to help strengthen your business strategy and avoid making future mistakes.

Our Experienced Staff in Shasta County Can Help Your Business With All Your Financial Reporting Needs

Not only can we generate vital financial reports for your company, but we can also tailor your reports to meet your specific needs. You will have access to the information you need at your fingertips whenever you need it. With our financial reporting services, you can be confident in creating more effective business plans and making more informed business decisions.

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