Tax Preparation Services For Small Businesses In Northern California

As a small business, you would likely prefer to focus your time and energy on growing your company instead of trying to sort out your taxes. Unfortunately, small businesses must pay a wide variety of taxes to both the state and federal government throughout the year. If you don’t pay the correct amount of taxes on time, it can result in stiff financial penalties and potential audits, which are a massive headache. It’s why many businesses, both small and big, outsource to a professional tax preparation service.

Here at J.R. Martin & Associates, we have a team of tax experts that will help identify your tax liabilities, accurately calculate what you owe, and ensure that you pay your taxes on time and in full to avoid fines.

The Benefits Of Working With Our Small Business Tax Preparation Firm In Shasta County

There are a few obvious reasons to consider outsourcing your tax preparation in general. For instance, the time you save on collecting and organizing your financial data, accurately calculating what you owe, and figuring out what forms you need to fill out (not to mention filling those forms out) can be focused on the actual growth of your business instead. You’ll also be less likely to make errors on your tax payments and tax returns if you leave them to a professional, which means that you can avoid being fined or audited.

Our tax specialists have extensive experience and expertise regarding the California tax code and the federal tax code. We can determine what your tax liabilities are and what deductions you can take. On top of making sure that your taxes are in order, we can also calculate your tax estimates ahead of time, giving you the information you need to make better financial decisions throughout the year. Finally, we will always be there to provide support, whether it’s for tax planning, tax preparation, or to help out if you’re facing an audit.

Federal & State Tax Filings

Although you only need to file an income tax return once a year, there are other tax filing requirements on both the state and federal level. You will need to file estimated taxes every quarter as well as employer taxes, which you must withhold from employee paychecks throughout the year. Our tax experts can help ensure that you’re paying what you owe on both state and federal taxes and that your returns are being filed on time to avoid any potential fines or additional interest.

Rely On Our Tax Preparation Services For Your Business

Don’t let your tax situation trip you up. Let our team of tax specialists provide your business with the tax preparation services you need. By relying on our tax preparation service, you’ll not only save a significant amount of time and money over the long run, but you’ll also gain peace of mind knowing that you’ll be much less likely to run into tax trouble in the future.

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