Don’t Let Just Anyone File Your ERC Tax Credit

The Employee Retention Credit tax program has been a great program for businesses that qualify. Figuring out if you qualify and properly calculating your tax benefits is the trickly part. It takes a qualified Tax Accountant to correctly interpret the provisions of this program.

There are some businesses popping up that focus on ERC.  They tell everyone they qualify without doing a proper investigation into the stipulations of this tax credit program. They ask for a percentage of your credits up front without waiting for the IRS to give you yours. These businesses do not have qualified tax accountants doing the work.

Protect Yourself From Future Audits

What happens if several years down the road, the IRS questions your qualifications for ERC? These businesses will be long gone. If you received the funds from the Employee Retention Credit, but do not have the correct documentation to back that up, the IRS is coming after you – not the company who did the work.

Be wise and choose a CPA to do this work for you. A CPA is not going to risk their career to get you a tax credit that you do not deserve. Also, the CPA will be there to help back up your claim with proper documentation should the IRS question you. In addition, a CPA can provide advise regarding future tax ramifications of receiving this credit.

For the past 10 months, J.R. Martin has been working hard to understand all the nuances of this generous tax plan so that we can qualify our clients properly. We are ready to help you. Call us at 530-229-1301.