Small Business Tax Experts: The Gold Package

As a small business owner in Northern California, you might be wondering whether the cost of outsourcing your accounting needs may be too prohibitive, especially if you already have a bookkeeper on your payroll. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. Our Gold Package will provide your business with the accounting and financial support it needs without crippling your budget. In fact, with our tax experts at your side, you’ll more likely than not come out on top due to the money saved on tax savings and the avoidance of tax penalties. Not to mention all the time you’ll save, which you can then focus on growing your business.

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What Services Are Included In The Gold Package?

Although our Gold Package is not as comprehensive as our Platinum Package, it still provides a variety of annual services that will significantly benefit your company. These services include the following:

  • Assistance with QuickBooks
  • General Ledger & Financial Statement Maintenance
  • Corporate & individual Tax & Year-End Compliance Assistance (Including Federal & State Returns & Personal Property Returns)
  • 24-hour Access to a Secure Online Portal Hosting All of Your Financial Documentation
  • Audit & Notice Retainer to Ensure Professional Representation Should You Be Audited

We will also provide Consulting Services concerning the following:

  • Business Income Projection
  • Business Tax Projection
  • Individual Tax Projection
  • Operating Trends
  • Tax Saving Strategies
  • Training Recommendations
  • Working Capital

What Are The Commitments & Costs Of The Gold Package?

Every client’s needs are different, so we structure our fees to reflect that. We customize all our services, including package plans, to meet the specific needs of every client. You will receive a quote for the fee when we put together a proposal. After working with you for 90 days, we will review the services that we have provided and adjust the fee accordingly. For more detailed information about the commitments and costs of our Gold Package, contact us so that you can speak with one of our associates.

Is The Gold Package Right For You?

If you already have an onsite bookkeeper, then the Gold Package can provide the additional support you need. Our team can provide professional advice and guidance on all things concerning tax and accounting. At the very least, our Gold Package will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll have support remaining compliant, submitting your tax returns, and getting through any potential audits, should they occur.

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