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Juli Martin, CPA, CTC

Since founding the firm in 2009, Juli has combined her extensive high-level and public accounting experience with her tried-and-true belief that while taxes are often thought of as a science, there is an art to helping clients fully maximize their revenue and minimize their taxes. A CPA since 2001 and a Controller at Simpson University for seven years prior to starting her own business, her foundational knowledge has greatly informed her leadership. Helping small business owners achieve success is a process that often requires innovative problem-solving, and to that end, Juli obtained a Certified Tax Coach (CTC) designation to further educate her strategies for tax savings. Streamlining the procedures and packages offered to clients has further expanded the firm’s ability to not only show their clients a better financial bottom line but the opportunity to realize their dreams. Actively involved in her field’s community, she is a member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and a Board Member of the Professional Association of Small Business Accountants (PASBA). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Simpson University, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification, and a loyal dedication to her hardworking clients and staff.


Traci Fritz-Lowe, EA

With over 18 years of experience as a public accountant, six of which have been at the firm, Traci is an Account Manager with a flair for the role that stems from naturally connecting with her clients. An innate problem solver, she takes her client’s financial concerns and creates a custom-tailored plan to reduce their tax liability and increase their revenue. A QuickBooks expert with a well-rounded set of interests that informs her daily work, including estates and trusts, her knowledge is second only to her sense of humor that clients (and coworkers) have said makes her a joy to work with. Each new client and industry she serves adds to her wealth of experience to help clients maximize theirs, even under times of stress. With an Enrolled Agent designation (EA), she also represents clients before the IRS because of issues such as appeals, audits, and collections. Her precision and dedication often lead to both successful resolution and financial empowerment. Traci holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Montana State University.


Laura Bogue

Since joining us in 2015 as the Director of Operations, Laura has brought both an expertise and organization to the firm in her role. Her leadership is informed by over 30 years of experience and knowledge in office administration, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and the importance of thorough preparation in all three. A born planner and leader in equal parts, she believes in proactivity in planning for success instead of reactivity to the result. This attention to detail has served as an asset to both our clients and staff, on everything from bigger picture operational functions to the smallest detail relating to a client’s account. Having served at one accounting firm for more than 20 years prior to joining us, she also brings a deeper understanding of the foundational structure that positions a business for further success during times of growth and change. The variety in building that foundation energizes Laura and both her talent and passion for creating that framework on both a daily and annual basis is apparent to everyone she works with. Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Chico.


Elise Avery

A true tax specialist, Elise has been a part of our firm intermittently for the past eight years, currently serving as a Senior Accountant, a position she brings both accounting expertise and software savviness to. A QuickBooks pro, she’s as quick to find ways of streamlining deductions and credits as she is to empower her clients to utilize proven ways of minimizing tax liability. Elise believes that a client who can spot check their balance sheet is a client well-poised to see the greatest financial benefit from her services, and she values that desire to learn. While tax season is her favorite, even with its annually hectic pace, she values the items of tax preparation that businesses need year-round and encourages proactivity and questions at any time. Elise holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Simpson University and is pursuing her Enrolled Agent distinction (EA). The latter will give her the power to represent her clients to the IRS at times they need it most, during collections, audits and appeals and she looks forward to providing that vital and valuable expansion to her current services.


Jennifer Bettes

For the past five years, Jennifer has been an important part of the team as an experienced and talented Receptionist, serving as a shining example of what sets our firm apart. The first experience our clients have when they walk in the door or give us a call, she provides a consistently high quality of service, individual attention to each person, and a sense of urgency to vital incoming requests. With many years of office administrator experience where she handled front office procedures in the real estate and medical industries, she brings an in-depth knowledge of administrative systems and tasks, which greatly helps support smooth day-to-day operations. Additionally, she handles the administrative portion of taxes for select accounts, all while providing excellence in everything she does to best serve our client base.

Christina Freilich, CPA

For seven years, Christina has served as an integral part of solving the financial puzzle for a spectrum of industries and has already dived right in as an intuitive and problem-solving Account Manager for the firm since recently joining us in August of 2017. Her insight may be attributed in part to her initial work as a private accountant before transitioning to public accounting in 2013 because it provided her with a deeper foundational understanding of solving complex internal financial problems with laser-focus for maximum profitability and limited tax liability. Her work has included audits, reviews, and compilations for small companies, individuals, corporations and partnerships across many sectors. While she thrives at them all, preparing S corporation returns for contractors and other small businesses is especially satisfying to her because she enjoys solving their financial challenges and directly seeing the positive impact she creates. Christina holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Accounting degree from Gordon College in Massachusetts and a CPA license.


Kathy Brown

A seasoned professional, Kathy Brown has been with our firm for nine years and the industry for a total of eleven. As an Administrative and Bookkeeping Specialist, Kathy brings the very things that are at the core of the values of our firm, including integrity, accountability, and a reputation for the successful and straightforward reconciliation of our clients’ financial statements and accounts. With a diverse yet devoted background that informed her attention to detail and excellence, she worked as a bookkeeper to support her husband during his seminary education, served as a worship administrator at a large church for 15 years, and spent several years as a piano instructor, along with raising four children. Her education includes music studies at St. Paul Bible College and accounting courses at Simpson University.


Cianah Hee

With two-and-a-half years at our firm and an additional year before that in this field, Cianah has made herself an exceptionally knowledgeable and highly efficient asset to the team in that relatively short amount of time. Currently serving clients as a Bookkeeper, her expertise extends to all things QuickBooks as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, a certification given only to bookkeepers, accountants or CPAs who have passed exams administered by their parent company, Intuit. As organized as she is informed, she effectively problem solves and communicates with clients and staff for the best financial outcome possible. Cianah aims to help create an experience that leaves clients more financially empowered, particularly when it comes to being able to fully understand and capitalize off of their financial statements. Ambitiously competitive against her own level of achievement, she has obtained both a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky and the title of four-time All-American in women’s wrestling with a third-place finish nationwide in 2012.


Mariah Castro

Since joining us in late 2017, Mariah has been a bright and cheerful addition to our firm in her role as a Receptionist. A natural with our clients and an immediate example of teamwork and collaboration, she problem-solves and multitasks with a dedication that helps the office not only when things are running smoothly, but also and often especially when there’s an issue. With communications and editing courses informing much of her work, she brings both a natural creativity and advanced writing ability to everything she does. These are talents that serve her well, both in client correspondence and other daily responsibilities. Already very knowledgeable and quick to provide comprehensive answers to frequently asked client questions, she is a great resource for them and has quickly become someone they seek out when calling or visiting the firm.