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Dedicated Annual Trainings so you are to be in the know!

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End of Tax Season Bonuses

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Key Components of our DNA as a Business Team


We are obsessed with getting it right.


We value, encourage & commit to each other.


We lead the necessary change.


We are passionate about honesty, positivity & trust


We get results no matter the challenge

Meet Our Staff

We need team members who prefer to focus their talents in front of a computer and produce quality results; we need team members who would thrive talking to our clients all day long, and we need the diversity of everyone in between. The perfect team member is one who knows and respects themselves as well as their teammates and is relentlessly committed to improving. We need team members who are humble, hungry to reach new heights and emotionally sharp in order to create and sustain the most productive team possible.

Our Hiring Process

Complete application & upload resume

Phone screening conversation

Technical assessment

Two interviews with our team

Final Interview

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Meet your Future Team

Cianah Hee
Director of Accounting

I’m thrilled to be part of J.R. Martin CPA, where I started as a bookkeeper and now serve as the Director of Accounting. Working closely with clients has been a rewarding experience, and the firm’s commitment to client satisfaction sets it apart. The positive work environment and emphasis on work-life balance make every day enjoyable. I appreciate the opportunities for growth and collaboration, and I’m proud to contribute to the success of J.R. Martin CPA.

Laura Bogue
Tech Team Coordinator

During my eight-year tenure at J. R. Martin & Associates, I’ve witnessed Juli successfully assemble an extraordinary team of individuals who collaborate seamlessly, leveraging their strengths to deliver exceptional services to our clients. What I find particularly rewarding about working here is our proactive approach, both in engaging with clients and fostering a dynamic internal team environment. At J. R. Martin & Associates, we pride ourselves on exceeding the fundamental requirements of our clients, consistently going above and beyond. It’s a privilege to be a member of J. R. Martin & Associates, contributing to our shared mission of “building better businesses.

Joni Voss
Business Solutions Specialist

Working at J.R. Martin & Associates is not just a job; it’s a journey of continuous personal and professional growth that fills me with immense pride and satisfaction. I enjoy the atmosphere of excellence, where the obsession with getting things right fuels my own desire to excel. The spirit of teamwork here is not just a concept, but a force that binds us, creating a nurturing and empowering environment where each of us thrives while supporting one another, even when we get it wrong. Our culture of innovation provides a dynamic platform for me to be creative and lead change. Most importantly, the firm’s unwavering commitment to integrity and tenacity mimics my own core values, instilling in me a sense of belonging and a relentless drive to overcome any challenge with honesty, positivity, and trust.

Sarah Bennett
Accounting Specialist

I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the firm. People genuinely care about each other personally and work together as a team. The leadership has a strong vision to help small businesses.

Whitney Maysey
Chief of Staff

I am so excited to express my deep appreciation for my time at J.R. Martin & Associates, where innovation, a growth mindset, and a loving culture converge to create an extraordinary workplace. From day one, the pervasive spirit of innovation has fueled creativity and empowered us to surpass conventional limits. The company’s commitment to fostering a growth mindset through continuous learning has not only accelerated my professional development but has also created a culture of ambition among colleagues. Beyond the professional realm, J.R Martin & Associates stands out for its genuine care and support, transforming the workplace into a close-knit family. My journey here has been transformative, thanks to an environment that not only values groundbreaking ideas and growth but also prioritizes the well-being and success of every individual.

Kendell Kluttz
Client Coordinator

It is a joy to work with the J.R. Martin & Associates team. I know the high-quality work we do matters to each business and individual and we take great pride in giving excellent customer service. Honesty and integrity are foundational attributes for what we do every day. It is a privilege to run with people that value one another and care deeply for how they act and how they serve others.