Here at J.R. Martin & Associates, our goal is to help business owners throughout Shasta County, CA, grow their companies and obtain long-term success. How do we do this? By providing expert accounting and business strategy consulting services that can save you both time and money — not to mention peace of mind.

We understand how big a challenge it can be to get a small business off the ground. We know you can’t afford to waste any money on potential tax fines or spend all of your time trying to keep up with your financial paperwork. Our team provides personal attention to every client, and we will tailor our service to meet your needs. Then you’ll be able to focus your time and effort on growing your core business.

However, saving time and money aren’t the only benefits you’ll enjoy working with our firm. We will also monitor your company’s financial situation, both over time and in the present. The advantage of having access to a big picture view of your company’s financial health will allow you to make more informed decisions that can benefit your company’s future.

When you work with us, know that we don’t just rest on our laurels as one of the best firms in Northern California. We’ve earned that reputation by providing consistently high-quality accounting services as well as for the strong relationships we build with every one of our clients. In fact, we hesitate to call the small business owners we work with “clients.” We view every “client” as a partner and work closely with you to ensure that your company’s accounting needs are met. Indeed, we deliver accounting work on your behalf, but we also go to great lengths to educate you and improve your know-how so that this is an investment in yourself and your business. If there are any gaps in your business education, we will help fill them.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect when you work with us:

  1. Find missed deductions
  2. Optimize entity selection
  3. Optimize compensation strategy
  4. Provide regular updates
  5. Avoid unpleasant surprises
  6. Reduce tax payments as much as possible
  1. Monthly full-service bookkeeping
  2. Monthly or quarterly accounting tune-ups
  3. Accounting system design
  4. Accounting system training
  1. Business tax returns
  2. Individual tax returns
  3. Audit protection
  1. Quarterly strategy sessions
  2. Budgeting assistance
  3. Business benchmarking
  1. Quarterly advisory sessions
  2. Entrepreneurship education program

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