Business Automation And Efficiency Services

One of the major hindrances to small business success is often just the lack of efficiency. Poor efficiency throughout an organization can lead to a significant loss of hours dedicated to unimportant or repetitive tasks. Such a poor use of time generally hurts your ability to make money. Here at J.R. Martin & Associates, we can help improve your company’s efficiency by implementing various automation solutions. Here are just a few ways we provide support using automation tools to increase your efficiency.

QuickBooks Consultants

Bookkeeping tasks are often repetitive and incredibly time-consuming. Our team has a significant amount of experience using QuickBooks, which can automate various accounting tasks. With the Routines feature, you can automate many different bookkeeping tasks. For instance, you can automatically create sales receipts for every new charge made in Stripe, automate the generation of reminders for upcoming bills, automatically notify your customers when they’ve completed payments, and send reminders to customers about past due invoices. Using the automaton features in Quickbooks can save you time and help reduce errors and prevent miscommunication.

Payment Platforms

Paper invoices are incredibly inefficient since you cannot automate them. It’s why we recommend using a digital payment platform. A payment platform solution can automate invoice processing, reduce human errors, automatically flag invalid invoices (thereby preventing fraud), capture and organize financial data to improve reconciliation, and provide real-time visibility for transactions. All of these capabilities help save time and money. We can help find and implement a payment platform solution that will fit the needs of your business.


E-commerce has become a significant source of revenue for many companies, especially in this day and age. By implementing various automation tools, you can streamline your e-commerce process. Elements of e-commerce that you can automate include inventory management, order management, customer support, purchase order approvals, sales, and more. By automating your e-commerce process as much as possible, you’ll save time, reduce errors, improve the customer experience, and likely increase sales.


There are hundreds of apps available that can help you automate specific tasks. For instance, Zapier allows you to automatically save email attachments to your drive or save new Google Docs and back them up in Dropbox. Then there’s Leadformly which will automatically segment your leads on your webpages. There are many automation apps such as these. We can help identify what types of automation your company could benefit from and find the right apps to solve your needs.


Tracking your employees’ hours is critical to remaining compliant with California labor laws and ensuring that you pay your workers what they are owed (especially when overtime is involved for part-time workers). TSheets is a time tracking solution that automates your employee time tracking and scheduling, reducing errors and ensuring compliance. TSheets can also be integrated with various payroll and accounting solutions.

We Can Help Your Small Business With Its Automation And Efficiency Needs

Time is money, as the saying goes. The more efficient your business is, the more time you can dedicate to essential tasks to grow your company. Implementing automation solutions wherever it is appropriate will increase efficiency. At J.R. Martin & Associates, we can help you identify inefficiencies within your operations that can benefit from automation and help implement the right automation solutions to solve those inefficiencies.

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